Sunday, October 24, 2010


Voluntourism involves people from all age and social classes traveling globally to give aid to communities in need and intimately experience the culture.

This combination of exploration and inspiration is growing in popularity, mostly due to an increase in the number and variety of opportunities now available. To help prospective volunteer vacationers, ASTA’s consumer Web site,, has a list of tips and advice to consider.

Travelers can now impact an entire community over the course of a week or two, or even during their honeymoon if they choose. Regardless of how travelers volunteer their time and energy, they always return satisfied that they made a lasting difference in the lives of their international neighbors.

ASTA President and Chair Chris Russo said. “A volunteer vacation is a great way to give back.”

Unfortunately Malaysia does not cater for this sort of tourism as this does not involve any promotional efforts and politicians cannot leverage on this to justify trips abroad.


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  2. I think people are trying to commodities voltourism as they did with ecotourism previously. for example: these days there is a huge marketing campaign in Canada to promote voltourism, an online adds like the "List of the Top 10 Canadian Voluntourism Organizations 2011".
    how accurate is this details?
    is there any statistic showing that?
    who are the owners of those (NGOs) and what is there relations with the tour operators?
    let's be aware of this new alternative type of tourism.

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