Monday, September 5, 2011


This jetty has a potential of becoming a major Legal Landing Place ( LLP) for tourists arriving from Thailand although it is originally meant for passengers going and coming from the island of Langkawi. It has recorded a total of 3 million passengers leaving and arrriving into the Kuala Perlis last year.

The passenger terminal building is capable of handling the present traffic but needed some improvement if it is to provide a better service. It is understood that the terminal services charged has been incorporated into the ticket price of the ferry to Langkawi which used to be RM 15 previously but now it is RM18.

No PA system was available or probably has broken down, so boarding instruction were done by shouting to the top of their voices by manning personnel who were looking like they were passengers themselves. So only tough and mean looking personnel are employed to do this job so that passengers will not question their authority. By and large they get their job done without much fuss.

Safety for passengers alongside the ferry is much to be desired as the ramp or bridge has to be manually placed and has to be adjusted as and when the ferry shifted to another position. Passengers has to be very careful when they leap on to the ferry and mothers would have to be extra careful with their children held on both hands. So male helpers got some extra cheap thrill helping out young mothers with their husbands looking helplessly as their hands were full of luggage.

Other than the departure and arrival halls there is nothing in the terminal building itself as other amenities are available just outside the terminal. A row of budget hotels and restaurants are awaiting the arriving passengers who wants to spend another day at Kuala Perlis and for passengers who has arrived after the last ferry to Langkawi at 7.00 pm.

Kuala Perlis is a small quaint town with a beautiful seafront and a mosque being constructed on the cape side. It would be a deal place for muslims to pray and rest before and after the journey to the island of Langkawi.

If you really have nothing to do just spend RM 42.00 for a one way ticket to Kuala Perlis from Puduraya on a night express bus and spend the whole day there and also in Kangar just 15 minutes away by commuter bus operated by Maraliner. It will be worth it.

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