Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Good tourism statements do come from non tourism players. In Sibu for example there has been a call for a team up to create the load. Tourism players here have been urged to work as a team in order to consistently churn out load factors big enough to entice airlines to fly here.

Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh stressed that concerted effort by all parties involved was necessary to make the game plan work. “Once we have the load, airlines will fly in. Conversely, if we do not have the load, even if we request them to come in, they will stop flying after a while,” he told reporters after a dialogue with travel and tour agents here yesterday.

When asked for his views on the swapping of shares between Malaysia Airline (MAS) and Air Asia, he said this was beneficial for the local populace if unnecessary competitions were done away with. “But on condition that they do not hike the fare,” said Wong, who is also Minister of Environment and Public Health.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters after the meeting, Third Division Travel Agents Association president Frankie Ting called for airports to provide basic facilities such as water dispenser and rooms for mothers to change their children’s diapers and do breast feeding. “It is appalling how they will increase the airport tax soon and yet such facilities are not provided for,” Ting lamented.

He felt water dispensers should be provided inside airports for people to drink. “They should be provided for since we paid for it.” He noted there was a water dispenser in KLIA but not at the LCCT.

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