Sunday, February 6, 2011


Many residents and tourists think Kuala Lumpur has reached a modern city status although Malaysia has yet to achieve developed nation status.

City residents and foreign tourists claim that Kuala Lumpur has already reached modern city status with regards to its world-class facilities.

The public found it safe and convenient to travel in the city because of sufficient infrastructure facilities.

A number people feel Kuala Lumpur is a very modern city now because there is plenty of parking space, transport facilities and best of all, safe and clean food is easy to find.

Many also expressed his pride with Kuala Lumpur's rapid development which is popular among tourists worldwide.

There are many foreign tourists at the National Zoo and they seem happy to explore the city because of its sophisticated and comfortable facilities.

Speaking of being modern, many think Kuala Lumpur has reached that stage especially with world class facilities available here with modern transportation, world-class airport and a clean environment.

Although many agree with the modernization, they also felt some improvement was needed to enhance the beauty of the city in terms of cleanliness and traffic congestion.

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