Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The city of Melaka  is not yet a mecca for tourists. Can this happen someday ?

 The Portugese, the Dutch and the British have come, seen and conquered. When will the rest of the world be here.

The next set of notable tourists were in buses who came down from Singapore to see Jongker Street and accidentally  managed to terminally vandalise a prominent local resident, one Encik Mahmud who claimed that he was the Sultan.

The newly appointed Chief Minister wants to re-invented tourism for Melaka and he has to be very careful here.

The news coverage of this simple act of closing Jongker Street promoted the tourist trade for the City. People would come from far and wide to visit Melaka, and Jongker Street vendors proceeded to rip them off by selling them cheap trinkets ( made in China )that they could attach to their anoraks to prove that they had been here.

Tourism continued to thrive here until a certain claimant to the Melaka Sultante decided that enough was enough. Basically, for several hundred years, all these tourists had been taking the gold leaf that was used to wrap their Kit Kat bars and sticking it on this big box in the Chinese temple in the area.  The tourist trade in old city of Melaka will be finished some day if conservation is not carried out continuosly.

Loads of time passed and the tourist trade have begun to pick up. This was helped by the former Chief Minister who came here as a tourist and wanted to build a railway line from Tampin to Melaka Sentral, that was notable in that it had the first railway tunnel and truly cho-cho in motion.

We were told that the new Chief Minister wants to pedestrianised the city to enable the tourists to walk about more freely. This is a GOOD THING. Keep up the good work.

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