Thursday, July 4, 2013


Finally the long awaited news has arrived, a change in MATTA leadership. The travel industry is delighted to hear that HAMZAH Rahmat was elected president at the recently concluded 38th annual general meeting of the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) last weekend. Hamzah is not a new kid on the block but had some years of experience in MATTA and we hope he will not inherit the bad habits of the old guard..

But having Jeffri Sulaiman as his deputy may cause some concern amongst members who wants to see a cleaner and transparent MATTA management. Jeffri has been a part and parcel of the old guard known to have discriminate some members and even have interpreted the constitution to suit their whims and fancy.There have y cases of abuse of power and financial mismanagement.
According to MATTA constitution, Hamzah will hold the post of president-in-waiting until the handover meeting, which must be called within four weeks from the date of the annual general meeting.
In his maiden press statement, Hamzah said: “During my tenure, I will ensure there is regular dialogue with other tourism-related associations towards strengthening the tourism industry, proactively engage members at all levels (by) listen(ing) to their needs and champion(ing) their causes to uphold the constitution at all times, to realign our policies, to manage our resources properly and transparently for the ultimate benefit of our members.”
Hamzah was the former secretary-general of MATTA and Jeffri was the vice president-outbound.


  1. 04 July 2013

    Any person elected to a position takes an OATH of Office to uphold the constitution ans serves all the members of the association.

    The president of the term 2011-2013 failed in his duties to uphold the constitution. In the AGM of 2012, there were resolutions of abuses in Matta's Penang Chapter. He failed to act.
    At the 2013 AGM, the accounts were NOT passed at the AGM.

    A real EMBARRASSMENT for the President , his Treasurer and his
    "mob" in the exco.

    The President of 2011-2013 practised "MOB RULE" in the exco. Every decision was put to vote - his "mob" with a majority vote got away with the many UNWISE decisions.

    MATTA is a trade association. The tourism industry is still the same. There is no improvement. Millions have been lost due to ABUSE OF FUNDS.

  2. I am not a MATTA member neither am I involved in any travel industry but an ordinary business man like other Malaysians who likes travelling, having keen interest in the development of MATTA especially in their organising an ever successful event such as the world known MATTA FAIR.

    I have been to many Travel Fairs but not many countries in this world can matched our MATTA FAIR. Congratulation and well done MATTA! (this so called 'mod have not only succeeded in charting Malaysia's name but have make millions of ringgit for MATTA). As a business man as business this is very good news.

    What is happening in MATTA, based from the biased and uncalled comments is MATTA's own backyard story which they know best to solve. Again when politic creeps in, that will be the end of a good venture and what remain is history.

    Before MATTA is destroyed one must do some soul searching with facts rather then finger pointing. The fact is do we Malaysian want to see a Singaporean born (now Malaysian off course!) to be leading MATTA? (not to mentioned their fair do not have crowd as we do). I understand several police reports were made against him&his team after the AGM/Election of new bearers, now who is the real mob!

    Not only that, this dubious President even lied in Star Newspaper on 12 July 2013 that the election was clean with no protest or reports. As I have said it is sad to see when one of their team member is an active UMNO members as usual orchestrating this false win.

    MATTA belongs as Malaysian pride, and let us not destroy by untested and unreliable leaders or let their real mob rob us!