Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Jonker street as described by most travel writers as  a very attractive place in Melaka and a must visit area of the historical importance to visit at any time of the day..  There is more happening on the street on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at night but is not quite busy throughout the day as well since Melaka was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2008.

Now the streets are lined with souvenir shops selling goods not indigenous of Melaka,in addition to the traditional restaurants that have staked claim here for decades.  Foods and drinks found here that are worth trying include; Hai Nan coffee, cendol, laksa, and so on are recommended.

The problem is really about traffic congestion and is not pedestrian friendly.

It is therefore deemed proper that the Melaka government has decided to part close the area to solve this problem. In fact the place is better off as a pedestrian mall and no more cars or vehicles should be allowed into the area. The local government should also consider not allowing traffic into the heritage areas. They should only allow tourists be dropped off at certain areas nearby.

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  1. It is very sad!
    Big roads are built cars .... but NO walking pavements are built for pedestrians.
    Converting roads to pedestrian malls like Jonker Street in Melaka may help the government preserve the Heritage better.

    Why do want to bring cars into the Jonker Street area?

    Build Car Parks / Multi Storey Car Parks
    Have a schedule for Loading & Unloading BUT limit the vehicle size. We do not want a 10ton truck.... but a small 1500 cc VAN is permitted. I hate NOISY motorcycles.
    Encourage Cycling
    Encourage people to walk
    MAKE JONKER STREET a PEDESTRIAN MALL for everyone to enjoy friendly Heritage City of Melaka.


    DO NOT DARE close Jonker Street