Sunday, June 2, 2013


It was meant to be a simple and swift ceremony of handing over duties from Former Minister of Tourism to Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia  Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz at the Ministry's Multipurpose Hall on 16th May 2013 judging from the photographs posted on the Ministry's website.

The smiles seen on all the faces of all officers and staffers of the Ministry especially of Tourism Malaysia were very telling. They were happy to see former Minister Dato Seri Ng Yen Yen go and hopefully for good. But some we skeptical about this as there has been a lot of talk about her wanting to remain in Tourism Malaysia as Chairman.

Only in Malaysia you hear self serving people  wanting to continue in office even having to downgrade themselves. The Chairman of Tourism Malaysia is appointed by the Minister and therefore will have to report to him. But looking at the personalities and temperament of both, this would not be possible.

Let's face it Dato Seri Nazri is not new in this game and certainly will not have anyone mess around with what he wants to do with the Minister now that he has an added portfolio of culture. Coming from the Prime Minister's Office he knows exactly what the Prime Minister wants.

The industry feels that it is best that Tourism Malaysia arrange for a world tour for Dato Seri Ng Yen Yen and her husband for an indefinite period fully paid for by the government of Malaysia. This will be a great saving for Tourism Malaysia as there will be no cost to upkeep a self serving, highly controversial "tourism personality" in the position of Chairman of Tourism Malaysia.

This job is better given to a semi retired tourism player who can discharge his/her duties comparable to the days of Tan Sri Raja Mohar or Tan Sri Philip Kuok.

We wish Dato Seri Nazri well and hope he will discharge his duties in keeping with AKUJANJI BN PRU13.

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  1. My guess is that why Tourism and Cultural are now under this Ministry is to have the Minister busy with the Cultural (This division has OVER 200 big and small events for 2013) while the chairperson of Tourism will be the de fecto minister for Tourism. What do you think?
    The ex-Minister is not going to give up the golden goose so easily which lays the golden eggs for her.
    By the way, MCA people are not supposed to take up any government posts as according to the MCA central committee per GE 13 agreement. So WTF is this MCA vice-president trying to take the post of chairman of Tourism Committee.
    I heard that she was in Tokyo recently to finalised with her crony's PR company in the taxis and buses body wrapped around campaign.
    There is unhappiness in the recent "Colours of Malaysia" when there was a last minute switch of the event managers due to cronism and personal interest. Check with the the rejected event manager and I think you know who!