Tuesday, June 11, 2013


When Dr Ng Yen Yen brushed off allegations of BN using Psy to win popularity and in recapturing Penang, the flamboyant minister actually confirm  that BN do look at Psy's appearance as a "bid to win .votes". She even said that she would love to dance in the Gangnam style with South Korean pop sensation Psy at the Chinese New Year National Open House held in Penang a few days prior to PRU 13."I would love to dance (with Psy) if I had the chance," she said. "even clad in a red kebaya, stood up and performed a part of the signature dance,"

Referring to widespread speculation that the government through the Ministry of Tourism and BN  foot Psy's bill and hoped to win votes through the singer, she failed miserably at denying this.

"Psy would like to come to a place he trusts,  Psy would like to come to a place where the prime minister (Najib Abdul Razak) is so well-known" she said.

Dr Ng added that Psy must have heard of Malaysia doing very well and the country's premier doing a lot in transformation.

Jokingly, Dr Ng said, "It's interesting to know that the women and students in the country know that Psy is a man, we can't live in our own peaceful world.

"I promise you, Psy will dress very well, Psy will make sure he covers himself up," she said.
Dr Ng was obviously responding to a news report where PAS spiritual adviser Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had mistaken Psy for a female artist and said 'she' should cover 'her' 'aurat' during the performance

Everyone is wrong, she is always right.

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